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In 1991 we started with traffic control systems, and years later we became the leader in that business. As we never stop innovating we wanted to create a product that has a similar connection with our past experiences and that will also make people's lives easier. At the beginning of 20's, Macedonia started to implement parking solutions. Everyone wants to find his guaranteed parking place when he returns home. This motivated us to create a high quality parking management solution, and now it became a reality.

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With more than 100 parking management systems and a variety of solutions, this has made us one of the leaders of fully automated parking systems in the Balkans. We never stop improving and we always guarantee new solutions as we cope with today's technology.


We have a long history of building our products with modern electronic devices and components. We also use components from the world's leading electronic manufacturing companies.


Innovation is cruical for our company's long term success. Over the last decade, this has become critical if we want to achieve success and attract more clients. Innovation is our implementation of new solutions, new ideas and new designs.


We offer 24/7 customer support. Our software and tehnical support consists of highly educated employees that are trying their very best to solve the problems of our customers. This is why our network of systems is expanding, customer's needs are our primary goal.

Our involvement in different business areas

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Traffic Control Systems

Since 1993, ElektroSOFT is the leader of traffic control systems in Macedonia. We have a variety of solutions and fast integration.

Fiscal Cash Registers

Controlling grey economy so all transcations are reported to the government. Change your old fiscal register with our brand new product Alpha for the lowest price available.

SMS Parking management systems

Park your car by using SMS. We offer a variety of solutions for Open Parking Systems where administrators can easily manage our software and also put operators with our devices

Access Control

Elektrosoft offers access control with doors or turnstiles. We have already taken projects for accessing turnstiles in footbal stadiums in our country and we have a serious cooperation with UEFA.


Entry & Exit terminals ET90 with stainless steel.

Future design concept

The new E100 introduces new variety of solutions and new design. Available at late December,2017.

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